Experts Befuddled: Mysterious Fragments Left on Library Table

JUNE 22 — Mysterious fragments, thought to be the remains of an egg, have been found in the campus library by library staff sitting atop a wooden table, and is confusing experts everywhere.

“Nobody knows how it got here,” Says library staffer Ms Megan. “Some students sat down and when I turned around, the fragments appeared right there in the middle of the table.” How frequently has this been happening? “Several times a day. It’s a real mystery.”

Some thought it to be an act of alien or higher beings, whilst others attribute it to “greater forces at work”. Experts lean towards the theory that they was from an egg of an undiscovered species.

The extent of the fragments’ worth is unknown, however, a detailed analysis reveals it to have previously contained food items, and perhaps a hatchling. Read on as Expert archaeologist Bill Guy gives his input.


“The fragments’ material composition is mostly plastic, with some traces of dyes and ink. An examination of the markings reveal that they are Japanese in origin, possibly post-Meiji Restoration,” He says. “It is also discernable from the smell that this was once used to contain rice and seaweed, possibly as a form of sustenance for the hatchling inside.”

“We don’t know who left it here, but we sure will be waiting for the mother to come and reclaim its egg. The hatchling should have left by now.” Using advanced scientific methods, Bill Guy has begun to trace the origins of this mysterious egg. “DNA analysis has revealed plenty,” He says. “We are getting closer to the source.”


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