Reviewed: Fluffed Cafe, Petaling Jaya


Fluffed Cafe, with its cute little cloud mascot, is located in the middle of PJ, amidst shoplots and houses in Seapark, Taman Paramount. In this area, you can get the best of savoury as well as sweet, as you also have myBurgerLab and Murni Discovery in close vicinity. A good idea would be to have your lunch or dinner at one of the savory places, and then come to Fluffed for dessert afterwards.



I came in at about four in the afternoon, not much traffic, and luckily I found a parking space just a couple meters away from the shop. Entering the shop, you are greeted by an enthusiastic ‘welcome’, and the immediate impression of a clean and minimalist space.

The walls are painted white to match the white tiles on the counter, which has a brown wooden top. The furniture is all very similar, with wooden tops and black metal frames. Potted plants and dried flowers complement the decor with earthy and natural tones. It’s nice not to see any neon pinks or blues, or loud yellows around. Overall, the atmosphere is peaceful and punctuated with polite banter between the customers. It’s quite a relaxing place to be in.


I ordered for myself the ‘Alice in Wonderland’, which is a waffle topped with granola, slices of strawberry, blueberries, and a scoop of lavender ice cream. Initially, I thought it was vanilla, but a bite instantly told me it wasn’t. I was never happier to be wrong: the lavender ice cream proved delicious. It was almost as if they had drugged the ice cream with some soothing, mind-numbing narcotic, and I could almost forget all my worries in that single bite of ice cream. The waffle itself was also fantastic.

Sometimes not everything is revealed at first glance. Am I highlighting the importance?

Easter Egg here:, password is vamanos




Crispy on the outside. Fluffy on the inside. That is the golden rule of all waffles, and this golden waffle does not disappoint. Whether it was the formula of the mix, or some unknown technique with the waffle iron, it was perfection in waffle form. The crispiness itself is very satisfying, and combined with the granola and berries, it was a bit of a mouthful. But lavender ice cream and perfect waffle go together just like husband and wife. Absolutely delectable.


Presentation-wise, I admire the work put into the plating. It looks just as good as you’d expect, with a RM19 pricetag. But the one detail I can’t overlook is the sprinkled dried lavender buds on the side, on top of the sauce. It’s a nice detail: subliminally signalling to your brain what to expect. As for eating the lavender buds, they are not very delicious, I recommend you don’t try (like I did).


Other comments on aesthetics: there were dried plants with yellowing leaves outside, which means they did not receive sufficient water. It’s understandable considering the sweltering heat wave in Malaysia currently, but it looks pretty bad right next to the front door. My suggestion would be to move it somewhere else, lest it give customers a bad impression. Impressions are associative, you see.

On the V-scale, I’d rate the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ waffle a 4 out of 5. For more info on the V-scale, please visit the explanatory link at the top of the page.

Thanks to the staff of Fluffed café for having me. Shoutout to my friend, Teresa Tan, who invited me to do a review here. Thanks Teresa!



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